Vegetal Building Blocks

Vegetal building blocks is a new construction material which possesses the traditional resistance of concrete blocks but with much greater benefits. Using vegetal fiber – a 100% recyclable material – as its main component, it is created without using any toxins or pollutants.

Benefits of Vegetal Building Blocks:

Using vegetal building blocks is its ability to store carbon, making it a great way to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These blocks are 50% lighter than their traditional counterpart, allowing for cheaper transportation and installation costs.

Creating these blocks uses four times less energy than concrete, six times less energy than brick blocks and sixty times less energy than steel.

These blocks are six times more isolating than brick, twelve times more isolating than concrete and 350 times more isolating than steel.

When burned, these blocks do not deform or release toxic gas. They burn slow, allowing enough time for people to escape