Solar Energy

Solar is the simplest form of alternative energy and is a mature and proven technology.

Solar electric products convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar panels are made using photovoltaic cells (PV), which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity then passed through an inverter which converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.

Solar thermal system can produce hot water at economical cost.

From small community0based solar initiatives to major solar projects, we design, install and maintain off-grid and tied-grid solar photovoltaic farms. We also supply large range of solar thermal hot water system.


Hybrid Power System Solutions

Depending on the client’s applications, we can design dedicated power systems using a combination of renewable of renewable energies (solar, wind, fuel cells…) to become an alternative to fuel power generators.

It ensures a continuous and reliable energy, ideal for isolated sites: telecom,s TV, radios, transmission systems, hotel, resorts,  mining camps…