Air Quality and Climate Change

If you are a city or government authority anticipating your transition towards low-carbon economy, to plan and organize urban development to enable both economic growth and pollution reduction, then we can assist you to reach this objective:

Together with an International consulting firm and expert in this field, Ecoglobal Inc. provides services to cities and government units eager to work towards improved urban air quality and struggle against climate change.


Air Quality Monitoring and Consulting

Thanks to on-site air quality monitoring, we deliver air pollution diagnosis at different scales (industrial sites, cities, provinces).

We assist policymakers in introducing air quality indicator into their urban planning and then give suggestions to help improve air quality.

  • Public policy assistance for air quality management projects
  • Sustainable mobility – Urban Air Quality Consulting
  • Green buildings – Indoor Air Quality Consulting
  • Air quality impact assessment for infrastructure


Climate Change and Energy Consulting

We provide advice and support in the areas of Climate Change mitigation and adaptation.

We design expert adaptation plans based on GHG emission assessment and assist on technical matters, communication and stakeholder consultation all throughout the project.

We also conduct economic evaluation of the area’s Climate Action plan to help companies and government authorities to take efficient decisions.

  • GHG inventory, reporting and benchmarking
  • Carbon assessment of projects and infrastructure
  • Climate and energy local master plan
  • Renewable energy feasibility study